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Handcrafted Eyewear

The method of creating handcrafted eyewear incorporates the artistic characteristics that only the human touch can give to frames. Instead of melting an eyeglass frame into shape like the injection molding process, handcrafted frames are cut from a single piece of acetate that is slowly formed, bent, and shaped with precise detail, one piece at a time, into a finished frame.

The handcrafted process is broken up into four phases: Prototyping, Handcrafting, Tumbling, and Finishing.

In short, the attention to detail in every step of the creation process and the hand placed elements on each individual frame creates eyewear that is truly handcrafted and authentic.

Acetate is the perfect material for glasses frames, it is durable and unlikely to cause skin irritation. Acetate frames are prepared using a unique technique which turns plant material into a durable plastic.

During the process, artisans apply colored powders to the surface before rolling it several more times to achieve perfect depth and uniformity.



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