Lentes de sol taxxon

The perfect accessory to complete any outfit: sunglasses. Depending on the model you choose, you can give a totally different style to your look: round, square, classic, mirror lenses…

 If there are timeless models that do not go out of style, they are undoubtedly square sunglasses. This shape favors all types of faces and its design makes it the perfect detail for a long time.

Sunglasses suitable for people with a round face:

  • Rectangular, square or pointed sunglasses.
  • "Cat eyes" frames.
  • "Butterfly" lenses.
  • Lenses with narrow bridges.
  • "Aviator".
  • "Wayfarers".

Sunglasses suitable for oval faces:

  • Mounts with smooth lines: rectangular, oval, round.
  • "Butterfly" lenses.
  • "Aviator".
  • "Cat eyes" lenses.


Sunglasses suitable for square faces:

  • Large lenses
  • Lenses where the width of the frame is equal to the width of the face.
  • Lenses with colored frames.
  • Oval shaped, round or teardrop mounts.
  • Lenses with air mounts.
  • "Cat eyes" lenses.
  • "Aviator".


Sunglasses suitable for rectangular faces:

  • Large mounts
  • "Aviator" (with large mounts).
  • Round frames


Sunglasses suitable for heart-shaped faces:

  • Rounded or round lenses.
  • Small mounts with a narrow bridge.
  • Lenses with low temples.
  • "Aviator".
  • "Wayfarers."
  • Mounts in the air.
  • Light or neutral colored lenses.


Sunglasses suitable for triangular shaped faces:

  • Round mounts without striking decorations.
  • "Aviator".
  • Mounts of "cat eyes" with transparent crystals.
  • Mounts in the air.

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