Taxxon ® Sunglasses  | CJ-7
Taxxon ® Sunglasses  | CJ-7
Taxxon ® Sunglasses  | CJ-7
Taxxon ® Sunglasses  | CJ-7


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 Lente: 100% policarbonato.

Gafas de sol FC3 para un uso general y con una gran protección contra el resplandor
Estas gafas de sol cumplen con la norma BSENISO12312-1:2013.
No son adecuadas para mirar directamente al sol ni para usarlas frente a luces artificiales como por ejemplo en un solárium.
Gafas de sol sin graduación.
No son aptas para proteger los ojos de un impacto mecánico.
No aptas para conducir al anochecer o por la noche.
No usar esprays o jabones abrasivos
Con funda incluida.

TAXXON´s Cellulose Acetate

We use Cellulose Acetate, wichis a plant based renewable material, making them one of the best materials to produce eyeglasses for those who are environmentally conscious.

It is one of the highest quality and best premium materials for the manufacture of eyeglasses for a number of different reasons. It is highly durable, resistant to temperature changes, comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, hypoallergenic, renewable, one of the best plastics for dye absorption and for the display of bright and vibrant colors, and it can be easily crafted into amazing geometric forms.

At Taxxon you will find the majority of the glasses constructed from this premium material, ensuring that any option that you purchase from our online store will last you for years with proper care. The cellulose acetate that Taxxon uses for its glasses is also manufactured in Italy by a professional family owned factory.

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